The Oddest Contingencies Sellers Are Requesting

Some home sellers are requesting odd contingencies—from maintaining the wardrobe of a plastic skeleton at the front door to caring for their family pets—before they’ll accept an offer. Contingencies typically involve obtaining financing or fixing issues discovered during the home inspection. However, The Wall Street Journal reports that sellers, who have the upper hand in the market,

What Will Homes Be Worth in 10 Years?

Homeowners are watching their home values climb significantly this year, and prices are expected to continue to appreciate over the next decade. The National Association of REALTORS® reported that the median existing-home price for all housing types in September was $311,800—a 14.8% increase compared to a year ago. But how high are prices poised to go

4 Yard Updates That Boost Curb Appeal

The need for curb appeal continues to increase, especially as many local buyers hesitate to enter unfamiliar homes and distant buyers narrow their home-shopping lists from afar in the pandemic. A dismaying front yard may prompt them to move on, whether in person or on the internet. “You only get one chance to make a

Fall Home Sales Surge Ahead of Normal Patterns

Home sales and home prices are increasing by double digits, with homes flying off the market in record time. Existing-home sales increased for the fourth consecutive month in September, up nearly 21% compared to a year ago, the National Association of REALTORS® reported on Thursday. All major regions of the U.S. saw month-over-month and annual gains in

14 Fast Fall Fixes

Service smoke alarms, drain the water heater, fertilize the lawn, drain and store hoses, PLUS other things you’ve got to get done before cold weather kicks in for good By Katelin Hill Clean the Vent Hood   Wipe down the interior and exterior with a nonabrasive household degreaser. Prewash the filter before running it through

Black is the New Black

At the 2020 Serenbe Designer Showhouse: Black is the New Black The Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Serenbe Designer Showhouse never fails to bring interesting design ideas to life, and the 2020 home is no different. While located just a few houses away from the 2019 showhouse in the Mado neighborhood, the 2020 design spectacular is

How to Help Survivors of the North Bay Fires

The wildfires burning since Sunday night throughout the North Bay Wine Country region have claimed at least 29 lives, and displaced an estimated 20,000 people from their homes. As of Thursday morning, tens of thousands of Pacific Gas and Electric Company customers are still without power in Sonoma and Napa counties, according to SFGate. If