11 4th of July Activities To Keep You Busy Till The Fireworks Start

by Traci Stanier

With the kids out of school and you off of work, the 4th of July weekend is the best time to cross a couple of items off your summer bucket list. Sure you could just let it be a typical summer day. But why not break away from the same old routine and plan some fun 4th of July activities?

So, if you’re still looking for some ideas, scroll through for some fun 4th of July activities

Pack a Picnic

Take all of those adorable red, white, and blue recipes you made and celebrate with a picnic in the park or in your own backyard!

Go for a Bike Ride

Get active on your day off and grab some friends for a group bike ride before all the eating and partying begins.

Celebrate on the Beach

If you’re lucky enough to live near or within driving distance of a beach, pack up for a fun day in the sun. If you stay until the evening, expect to see fireworks.

Take a Walk In the Park

Looking for low-key 4th of July? Use your day off to explore a new neighborhood park as a family.

Lounge In the Pool

Sometimes with holiday plans, less is more. Invite friends over, make delicious summer drinks, play a few patriotic tunes, and kick back, relax, and soak up some sun.

Make a Festive Craft

Plan a holiday-themed DIY project with the kids to deck out your home in red, white, and blue, like one of these cute wreath projects.

Screen an Outdoor Movie

Skip the crowded theaters and set up a film screening in your backyard! You can watch patriotic classics like Yankee Doodle Dandy or Independence Day.

Belt Out Some Tunes

Bust out the drums (a.k.a. pots and pans) and other makeshift instruments, then encourage your kids to sing along to American classics like “The Star Spangled Banner” and “This Land Is Your Land.”

Make Some Red, White, and Blue Recipes

Whip up food with bright patriotic colors, like this Berry Crostini With Lemon Ricotta and Honey, then relish in your hard work by eating it all.

Host an Outdoor Cookout

Speaking of food, why not impress your family and friends with a summer cookout? Make some of our favorite recipes that’ll feed a crowd.

Find a Fireworks Show

It isn’t a 4th of July celebration without fireworks! Watch the sky light up with the entire family by attending a local fireworks show or if you’re lucky, from your backyard. No firework shows in your area? Splurge on sparklers!


Published on 2020-06-06 16:51:29